WHS Management Training for Leaders: Your Questions Answered

This article provides an introduction to work management training for leaders. It looks at what the reader can expect to learn on this training course. Read on to discover more!

What is Work Health and Safety Management Training for Leaders?

The Workplace Health and Safety Group has developed a specific training course designed to provide leaders with the skills necessary to lead a health and safety management team. The goal of this training course is to develop senior leaders' awareness of their role in managing work health and safety (WHS) issues in an organisation. This includes understanding the importance of a systematic approach, compliance responsibilities, communication skills, incident responses, workers' participation in WHS, workplace culture and individual leadership styles.

Leaders will also learn about effective ways to motivate staff around health and safety initiatives via engagement strategies such as codes of conduct, participative decision-making process, engaging employees at all levels etc. The key takeaways from this course are that leaders will be able to impact the WHS culture in an organisation by developing skills in motivating and engaging staff.

The course is designed for a variety of levels of leadership, whether they have no knowledge or experience about work health and safety management or have been managing a team for a while now. There will be a focus on all managers regardless of their role within the business—owners/directors, supervisors, middle management etc. The training will be conducted using techniques such as case studies, small group activities and presentations. This ensures both senior executives and front line managers get the most out of the training session. What does Work Health and Safety (WHS) Management Training for leaders include?

This course includes the following topics:

  • Explaining the strategic role of leadership in WHS Management
  • Understanding the WHS regulations including your responsibilities as a manager, worker and contractor
  • Developing an effective methodology for implementing WHS management system
  • Coaching and providing feedback to your team
  • Engaging staff around Work Health and Safety Initiatives, including practical application and exercises to apply skills and knowledge gained

Who is the course primarily aimed at?

The course has been designed primarily for:

  • Executive Leaders within an organisation
  • Managers responsible for managing/coaching a team including Head of Department, Line Managers, etc.

What outcomes do you expect from participants?

The expected outcomes of leaders who attend this course are:

  • An understanding of their role in implementing WHS management system practices both legally and practically within an organisation
  • Development of coaching skills to motivate staff around health and safety initiatives
  • Understanding how key factors such as workplace culture impact work health and safety management systems
  • Increased confidence when leading teams in implementing work from home policies