Denture Problems: Do You Need to Replace a Broken Back Tooth?

Like natural teeth, dentures can get damaged and even break off. This can happen if you've bitten down on something hard and jarred a tooth or if you drop your denture. While fixing a broken or lost front tooth will be a priority for you, as it affects your smile, you may not be so bothered about a back tooth. Should you have your denture fixed or can you forget about it?

Broken Teeth and Oral Problems

If you've broken off part of a tooth, then it may hurt your mouth. If the tooth that is left has jagged edges or is rough, then it may irritate your gums and the insides of your cheeks, especially when you eat. This rubbing could lead to sores and ulcers.

If you've lost the whole tooth, then you'll have problems eating. A gap in your dentures has the some of the same effects as a gap in your natural teeth. For example, you may find it uncomfortable to chew harder foods; your gums may suffer if they have to take on a tooth's job.

Broken Teeth and Denture Longevity

You may be avoiding having the tooth looked at because you're worried you'll need a new denture. Leaving things as they are may look better than paying for a full replacement. This could be a false economy.

If your denture is damaged, then it may be weaker than it was. Plus, if you're missing part of a tooth or a whole one, then you put that area of the denture under extra stress if you continue using it. Each tooth has a job in a denture; if one isn't working right or is missing, then the other teeth and the denture plate have to take the strain. They could get damaged over time too.

If this future damage is significant, you'll need a new denture. However, if you get your denture tooth fixed now, then you may not have these problems. Broken or missing teeth can often be fixed or replaced easily and cost effectively compared to the price of a whole new denture.

To find out how to fix your tooth problem, contact your local denture clinic. Keep the broken tooth if you have it and take it along to your appointment. The clinic may be able to fix the tooth back in place; if not, they can fit a new denture for you.