How to Ask Your New Partner to Have a Sexual Health Test

One of the best things about getting into a monogamous relationship, at least from a sexual point of view, is being able to enjoy each other's bodies without having to worry about protecting yourself from STDs and STIs. If you both know each other and are only having sex with each other, nothing is going to be spread.

However, before you start enjoying yourself, it's really a good idea to have a sexual health test. After all, one of you might be unaware that you even have a certain condition. Of course, it can be quite hard to broach the subject with your new partner. STDs and STIs aren't exactly the most glamourous or arousing of subjects, and your partner might be insulted if you go about things the wrong way.

To prevent that from happening, just follow these handy tips.

Make it 'Us' Instead of 'You'

It might be that you've had a sexual health test recently and do not feel like you need another one. However, it's always a nice idea to suggest that both of you have a test to make sure things are all good. If you only ask your partner to get tested, you can seem a little accusatory, and it's much easier to have the tests if you know your partner is having to put up with the same thing. Additionally, it's nice for your partner to absolutely know that you are clean; they deserve the same peace of mind you do.

Focus on the Benefits

It should go without saying that the most important reason to have a sexual health test is to find out whether either of you is carrying anything. If this is the case, steps can be taken to prevent the spread of infection or disease. However, focusing on the negative possibilities isn't going to make a sexual health test sound very appealing. Instead of saying you want your partner to get tested to make sure they don't have a serious or embarrassing condition, say you want to know they're clean so you can pleasure them without worrying about methods of protection.

Subtly Underline It's Nothing Personal

When you ask someone to have a sexual health test, it's easy for that person to think that you don't trust them or that you think they might not have been very sensible in the past, and that isn't a very nice feeling. To make sure things don't feel personal, just underline that this is something you always do at the start of a relationship.

For additional reading, check out the website of a local sexual health clinic.