3 Tips for Getting a Coffin Cost-effectively

Coffins are one of the biggest cost associated with planning a loved one's funeral. Purchasing a loved one's coffin can evoke complicated feelings because of the struggle between emotional attachment and practical considerations, e.g., budgetary constraints. In ideal circumstances, everyone would like to honour their loved one's memory with a top-range coffin that represents them best, but this isn't always possible. This article offers some tips to help you sift through the range of choices you have to end up with the best coffin within your budget and requirements.

1. Shop around extensively

Even though you're likely to get some discounts from using a single funeral home's services in your funeral arrangements, you don't have to get your coffin in the same place you get all other services. You can check online for coffin retailers, visit other funeral home showrooms, or even have one custom-made by an independent artisan. Because of the bias you bear due to your emotional attachment, it's best to carry along a close friend who can objectively analyse your options.

Naturally, expect to be steered towards the more expensive models first, but you can ask to be shown cheaper options if nothing in the display suits your budget. You may find that these are displayed in the far corner of the showroom or a different room altogether. Provided they are structurally sound and fitting, don't feel guilty about not affording a more expensive option.

2. Consider rental options

Most funeral homes have rental coffins to offer for a nominal fees. In this setup, the coffin is lined inexpensively and carried in the rental coffin for any funeral rites and/or viewing. For burial, the body is transferred to a simple wooden or strong cardboard box. You can save significantly on cost of getting an expensive coffin, including shipping costs if you're getting one from an online vendor, and still have an attractive coffin for display.

3. Avoid embellishments

If you shop around, you'll discover that simple wooden caskets are quite affordable; it's the embellishments that drive the price way up. Therefore, if you're on a tight budget, try to avoid coffins with non-essential extras, e.g., elaborate carvings or addition of gold and other precious metals purely for aesthetics.

As the funeral director shows you different coffin models and their features, carefully assess the importance of those features in performing the real task: carrying your loved one and keeping them once they are in the ground.