Make the choice to see a female gynaecologist who knows from experience

For many people, going to see a doctor can be a stressful and even embarrassing experience. When women visit the gynaecologist, many of these anxieties can be reduced by understanding the advantages of choosing to see a female gynaecologist.

The advantages for all women

Perhaps the biggest advantages of going to see a female gynaecologist is that you can be sure that she will truly understand most (if not all) of what you tell her, because she has experienced the same things herself.  Whether it's how to deal with menstrual pains, to make sense of your menstrual cycle and not letting it take over your life, or reacting emotionally to something someone tells you because you are on hormone medication, it is likely that your doctor will have had the same experiences. If she is younger than you and has not quite experienced everything that you have, you can still be assured that she will have a real understanding of most of what a woman goes through. If she is older than you, then you will feel even more secure in the knowledge that she knows what you are going through.

The advantages for younger women

As a younger woman, you are unlikely to visit the gynaecologist unless you have a specific problem like terrible menstrual pains or controlling your menstrual cycle. Girls may need to investigate the options of taking the pill to help with skin issues or birth control. If it is a female gynaecologist to whom you take your problems and questions, you have the comfort of knowing that she knows exactly what you are talking about because she has most likely experienced something similar. Explanations are reduced to the minimum and the effect on you as a person is primary.

The advantages for pregnant women

When you want to become pregnant, or are pregnant, what better person to see you through all the stages of the experience and the birth than someone who has been there herself? There is so much that affects you when you are pregnant, and it is so much more helpful and rewarding to share everything with another woman who has had similar experiences herself.

It is a valuable and empowering experience to see a doctor who has had her own children. Not only will she understand the medical side of your condition, but she will understand the emotional and hormonal effect that pregnancy has on a woman.